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I'm taking a break from reviewing books and everything YA related.

It used to make me so happy and now I'm just angry all the time. I'm sick of seeing friends and fellow reviewers be smeared and bullied by anonymous cowards playing the victim card as they post personal details online and claim to be the good guys. I'm sick of people claiming I'm a bully or a jealous hater or anti-feminist because I dare to think that romanticising domestic abuse is a bad idea. I'm fucking fed up of 50 Shades of Grey and Beautiful Disaster (which just got a publishing deal with Atria, did I mention that?) and spending my time trying to get someone to understand why all this shit is so problematic and why "it's just fiction" is no excuse only to be blocked or cyber-stalked or just ignored. It's exhausting and aggravating watching the bullies and the hacks climb to the top of the tower and be heralded and rewarded for perpetuating the worst stereotypes about women, relationships and what constitutes romance while those with genuine talent and creativity are ignored. I don't want to deal with this shit for now so I'm taking a hiatus. I'm not quitting forever or anything. That'd be too easy. I just want to get some fucking perspective back and do things that make me happy for a change. 

So if anybody has any cool ideas for new hobbies or things to try out I would seriously appreciate it. I still have a few parts of the Orwell Project saved on my laptop to be posted, which I'll do in due course.

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