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Blairgowrie High School - Blairgowrie Scotland - Perth and Kinross UK (2002 - 2008)
University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh Scotland - Edinburgh UK (2008 present)
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30 rock, a midsummer night's dream, amadeus, anderson cooper, bones, books, carnivale, charlie brooker, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, comedy, david mitchell, dawn french, disney, doctor who, dreaming, dresden files, eccentric, edgar allen poe, emmy rossum, family, fiction, films, franz ferdinand, french and saunders, friends, futurama, ghibli, gladiator, glee, harry potter, hignfy, impressionists, internet, jeffrey eugenides, jennifer saunders, jk rowling, john sessions, jon stewart, kate winslet, keith olbermann, kenneth branagh, life, literature, mad men, mark kermode, matt groening, michael sheen, mighty boosh, mitchell and webb, mock the week, msnbc, muse, music, musicals, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, nicole kidman, othello, panel shows, pixar, politics, pushing daisies, qi, quills, r.e.m., rachel maddow, reading, reviews, rome, romeo and juliet, ronni ancona, rufus wainwright, russell howard, scissor sisters, scotland, shakespeare, shepard smith, shoes, slash, stella street, stephen colbert, stephen fry, stories, sylvia plath, the simpsons, the soup, tim burton, tom felton, tony slattery, torchwood, united states of tara, vampires, whose line, wliia, writing
Celtic & English literature student. Sporadic blogger. Reviews books. Torch Bearer. Political geek. Leftie (in both meanings of the term). Feminist. Head in the clouds. Often painfully optimistic. Blonde. Scottish attempting to feel British. Lover of semi-dead languages. Watches too much comedy. Got to give them hope...
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