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My gran got me a laptop for my birthday...
To paraphrase what I said when I opened it up...
I wasn't expecting it at all, I haven't been so enthusiastic in years! I needed it for university though so that's handy. I have to wait until my dad helps me set it up before I can give it a test drive. They're never going to get me off the thing!
I also want to say a huge thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday, this has been the best one I've had in years and you all played a part in that. How cool is that icon? Thanks ipywp  It's not over yet, my birthday BBQ is on Saturday so here's hoping the Scottish weather doesn't decide to return to it's favoured state.

18 today!

I am now an adult in the eyes of the law! I can legally vote and buy myself a drink, but that's no good because I'm a neutral teetotaller. Unusually I got a birthday card from the Conservative Party congratulating me on turning 28 and letting me know that I am legal to vote. I did some work experience for them when I was 16 and they've never forgotten! I don't feel any older, I don't really feel my age. I've never felt the age I actually am in years though, I shuffle between 9 and 45. It's been a nice day so far. Me and my mum went to visit my grandad in hospital again, he's doing great. He remembered what day it was and gave me a big hug. The swelling in his head has gone right down so now the massive groove in his head is more obvious. It's got me really paranoid about giving him a kiss on the forehead in case something caves in. He's joking about being a Doctor Who villain with it, hopefully he'll get the steel plate fitted soon. He's moving to the special rehab place next week.

I've got a good haul of presents so far. I'm gettingt the rest from my grandparents, aunties, etc, tonight when we go up for a drink. So far I've got:

* New pants and bra from my sister (She is obsessed with buying underwear, sort of the way I can't stop buying books.)
* A new mobile phone.
* The complete first series of QI (excellent!)
* Viva La Vida by Coldplay.
* Moab Is My Washpot by Stephen Fry.
* The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake (my parents apparently couldn't find the DVD series. I'm good with the book though!)

Thank you so much to everybody that wished me a happy birthday, I totally didn't expect it although I love that I kept getting reminders from LJ that my birthday was approaching! Hugs to you all!

And look what moomintroll_xmade me!


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