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Mark Gatiss
 It's times like these I wonder if social mobility's a myth like Santa Claus. 

The waitressing job people haven't gotten back to me, same with the media monitoring people, so I'm going to assume I didn't get those jobs. It's almost May. My final class is on 16th or 17th May, I don't have my diary on hand to check, so if I don't have a job by then I'm going to have to put my room up for lease for a couple of months, go home and hope that by some sort of miracle, Blairgowrie has more job prospects for me than the Scottish capital. I'm still applying for as many jobs as I can, including a few internships, but it's tough. I know there will always be someone more desirable to hire than me and I want to be a better candidate but how can I do that without the experience, which no one will give me? Don't listen to me, I'm just in one of those self-pitying moods again, not at all helped by the world being obsessed with a giant wedding, a racist nepotist claiming the most powerful man in the world was not born where his birth certificate says he was, and a privileged, condescending jerk for a Prime Minister who thinks telling a female MP to "calm down, dear" isn't sexist or arrogant in any way. I shouldn't spend my time blogging about this shit. No one really cares about my opinion. 

I'm selling a few of my books to try and make a bit of extra money. They're mostly YA books but there are a couple other non YA ones too. They're all £3, or your country's currency equivalent, plus postage & packaging. All the books are in excellent condition and I used a couple of them for the original Sparkle Project. Everything will be sorted out through PayPal.

(Not pictured but also for sale: Knife by R.J. Anderson, Pirates! by Celia Rees [hardback], The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson, Evermore by Alyson Noel [the only book not in near pefect condition], Why Does e=mc2? by Brian Cox, No Logo by Naomi Klein, When Will There be Good News? by Kate Atkinson, The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Silas Marner by George Eliot ans Humphry Clinker by Tobias Smollett.) 


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