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Employment prospects on the rise.

 I may have a job!

I had to go all the way to South Queensferry (40 minute bus ride, luckily it was a lovely day) to sort it out in a meeting that took all of 2 minutes but things are looking up. It's just part-time waitressing work but I need the money and am dying to get some summer work to fund the festival comedy fangirling week to end all fangirling weeks. I also went to an interview on Wednesday for a weekend position as a media monitoring assistant, which basically involves analysing the news to compile press packs and you know how perfect that job is for me! I'll hear back sometime next week about the position, luckily I'll have exam revision to keep me distracted in the meantime. I handed in my first English literature exam essay on Thursday - woohoo, a day early! - and have my first sit down exam on Monday. Eep. I'm reasonably confident but trying to stay focused on the work itself and not the panic. I've also got two short stories to sort out for anthologies - my own anthology and a friend's one - so I'm definitely keeping busy. 

Have a photo of the Forth Rail Bridge from my day in South Queensferry.

There is a preserved heart in this post.

 Be warned!

So my younger sister Daz turned 18 this week (holy crap, how the hell did that happen?) and she was supposed to be going out for the weekend with a friend, but said friend cancelled on her at the last minute, which was expected since she always does that, and I invited Daz down for the weekend to compensate. Of course, drinking was involved, as were night clubs, but I made sure she got a bit of culture as well. I took her to the Surgeon's Hall Museum, where the history of medical marvels are kept in full disgusting display. It's fascinating stuff but not exactly the cheeriest thing in the world. Nothing says happy birthday like display cases full of fetus skeletons, moulds of tumours and a book made from the skin on Burke, the murdering grave-robber! I also took her to the National Museum of Scotland for some less gory, but equally compelling, history.

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Now I've got more exams to worry about! The essay titles for the semester one essay exam go up tomorrow so I've got from Monday until Friday to finish 3000 words on the course I took last semester. Here's hoping I can remember some of it. I'm on something of an academic ego trip since I got my last Old Irish exam back - the one I sat whilst unable to talk - and got 85%! Still grinning wildly over that. I've finished my translation exam - that was a take home one - so I hope it's up to par and I can reschedule that damn resit. I know I can do it and I'm somewhat calmer than I have been in the past when approaching such topics but still, I'm always aware of the panic potential. I'm trying not to think about it too much though, I have too much shit to deal with first. I'll leave you with a fuzzy photo of the castle at night from Grassmarket, one of my favourite places in the whole city.

My very first protest...

I was there a grand total of an hour, I didn't do or say much and I fell one my arse once.

It was glorious.

"They say cut back, we say fight back!"Collapse )So how was it all? I may not have done much in comparison to others but it felt good to be a part of something where my voice was being heard, even if it was my voice in a crowd of people crying out "Nick Clegg, we know you, you're a fucking Tory too!" I think the tuition fees protests are a great thing, the start of a political movement amongst a generation where common assumption sees us as a bunch of apathetic slackers. As one sign so eloquently put it - "Nick Clegg, it's not just about money, you patronising git!" It's about not wanting education to become a marker of the elite, those who can pay for it. It's about giving what should be a basic human right to everyone. In a time of serious economic decline, where unemployment is high (especially in Scotland where it's higher than the national average) and the working class are going to be hit the hardest, we need to invest in education, not take away from it. Seeing the protestors around the UK being kettled, beaten down and generally treated like scum is terrifying but goes to show how cowardly the coalition is. I hope I can do more to help this cause in the future, snow or no snow.

So it's still technically Hallowe'en but since I celebrated it last night this doesn't really count for me.

Daz came up for the weekend on Friday night so I rushed to finish my Irish presentation for her arrival. We had some takeaway and I made her watch Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town. She was particularly amused by Rampop and annoyed by how good Dave Foley looks as a woman. Join the club Daz.

I promised to take her out on Saturday night but beforehand I had promised to go to a Star Wars marathon at Nat's house. A shocking number of our friends had never seen the films before - seriously, that's sick - so I brought over my DVDs, whilst in my Alex Kapranos costume, and we made a night of it. I could only stay for A New Hope and half of the Empire Strikes Back so unfortunately I wasn't there for the big reveal twist and the reactions it caused. But it reminded me that I have awesome friends who I love to pieces and can heartily geek out with.

Later that night I took Daz out. She was in Gaga mode and got asked about her costume a lot whilst I was basically ignored. *pout* So the DJs for the night were two former Big Brother contestants who were very pretty and a lot of fun even though I had no idea who they were when I was talking to one of them in the toilet before a bunch of drunken people fangirled like crazy over them. Whoever they were, they were pretty good DJs and got the crowd going so power to them. There were two guys dressed in the same Cheryl Cole costume (which led to one of the shouting "Nadine! What the fuck are you doing in my costume!?"), one as Martine McCutcheon (he carried a pot of Activia yoghurt around with him) and one as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. There were a lot of pretty cool costumes actually but none as suave as mine. Just saying.

I'm going to practice my presentation a bit more then worry about starting work in Waterstones tomorrow so i'll leave you with the one photo I do have of my costume (the blazer's from a charity shop for £4 because Amazon fucked me over yet again.)


Year 3 week 1 semester 1: Status report.

It's been one hell of a busy week, full of schedule conflicts, rescheduling conflicts, reading, Old Irish grammar, the topic of politics and literature, pub quizes, note taking, bad pens, Scott Pilgrim, cleaning, chocolate cake, red wine, lefties and righties, politicians hugging and good old fashioned stress. I'm doing okay - I think - and it was a big of a shock to the system at first but I think I can manage with all this. I still need to get a job though so that might add extra pressure to the whole system but I've always been told if you want to do something then you will find a way to do it no matter how impossible it looks. So I'm taking that to heart. I've got Wednesday and Friday off but that will be full of revision and reading, although I still hope to get a couple extra hours shut eye too. We've all got needs.

Onto more exciting news, I am doing a giveaway on the Sparkle Project which I hope you'll all go check out. It's open internationally and will help to piss off censors! I also got briefly name dropped in my favourite podcast Made of Fail which you should all definitely check out because independent of my name drop, it's a great podcast and this week they talked about what it's like to be a geek. Seriously Dayna, if I had a camera I would definitely do video reviews for the Project but alas, we'll just have to live with the text ones until I join the rest of this generation technology wise! I'm also reviewing a highly requested book soon. Your clue as to what it is...

Tick tock tick tock...

Back in the city!

With a nerdy bang!

I managed to miss all the Pope action which is probably for the best and now I'm back in Edinburgh and it feels like I've never been away. It always does whenever I return, same for when I go back home. Strange moment - the lodger who took my room for the Summer put the bin and the phone in a basin in the wardrobe. Talk about keeping things neat. And my copy of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie arrived today for my banned YA review so I'm excited about that. The night started off with a bang. Nat texted me to tell me about the Sci-fi Society's fresher's welcome party so we crashed it for a screening of Galaxy Quest and free pizza. We met a bunch of cool freshers and banded together for the nerdiest quiz ever. We spent the entire time lamenting our lack of geek cred on topics such as Isaac Asimov, Star Trek and Discworld and named our team "We thought we were nerds...until now..." Then we won it. We actually managed to win the hardest quiz ever. We were dumbstruck in the best way possible and kept saying "Really? Seriously? Did you make a mistake?" We just couldn't get over it. We won Forbidden Planet vouchers so I'm going to buy a comic book tomorrow after I've done everything else on my to-do list (buy food, register for classes, unpack everything, start reading Shakespeare plays for lectures, etc...) For some odd reason, and I know by saying this I'm probably jinxing it, but I feel like this might be my year.

Summer's over...that was quick...

I go back to Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon. I'm leaving a little later than planned because of the whole Pope thing, but that does mean I'll miss the protest a friend is holding which is a shame. I've always wanted to be a part of a protest, it's actually on my bucket list! I'm looking forward to being back in the city and getting back to studying. Yes, seriously. I got my list of topics I'll be studying in English lit this year and it's brilliant! One whole semester of Shakespeare then next semester there's classical Greek tragedies, more Shakespeare, Caryl Churchill, Liz Lochhead and Tony Kushner! I love my course! Not sure what's happening with Celtic yet, I've got a meeting on Friday though so I'll sort it out then.

In other news, I have officially signed up for NaNoWriMo. I will come to regret this at some point, won't I? Is anyone else out there doing it too? I'm going to write the contemporary YA idea I have since I'm a bit burned out on vampires right now, even cool art thief ones. Don't forget to check out my blog too! *coughshamelessplugcough*
Eek, I go back to university in less than a week.

It's been a seriously long Summer, what with having no job and nothing much to do, so I can't believe it's only been 3 months since I came back home. It feels like an age. But I know that when I go back to Edinburgh it'll feel like I've never been away. I'm still looking for a part time job in the city and I've got so much I want to do this year I think I'd better start planning some sort of schedule or something so I know I'll get stuff done instead of lounging around and procrastinating as is my want. I really want to do NaNo this year but I can't decide if I want to do a paranormal story (I do have an idea for a vampire story involving grand art theft, obsession, the city of Edinburgh and vampires that turn into corpses in the sunlight) or a contemporary one (book censorship, church versus state, sexual awakening, all that good stuff). I've still got over a month to decide so I'll wait and see.

I have a few things to do before I go back to Edinburgh too, like visit Petsa and Reuben again, get my eyelashes done (I'm seriously the opposite of vain but there's something strangely relaxing about getting dye put onto your eyes, honestly) and visit my grandad again. I made a batch of scones with strawberries and cream and took them down to his new place at the beginning of the week, I hope he didn't eat them all in one go, he has a habit of doing that. It'll be nice to get back to the city where I'll be less bored and within closer proximity to the cinema and more bookshops!

Side note: thanks to cleolinda  for the sparkly promotion of my Hush, Hush review. I understand I got a few more followers out of her generous pimping so hi there! I'm still hoping she'll review the book, if only because I want to see her recap style on the horrors of angels with dog's names. I wrote my first real piece for my blog too, replying to a YA author's piece on boys in YA. Hope you all enjoy! I'd also really appreciate some suggestions for books to read that you'd like to see reviewed. I've got a couple but there's always room for more. I've got a few books ready to be reviewed soon, one good and one sparkly bad! 

Exams are over!

Can I get a huzzah in here? 


I am so damn relieved it's over. Now the weather is beautiful and I have no responsibilities for the next couple of weeks. I've got free tickets from a friend on Twitter to see Four Lions tonight, with a video Q&A session with Chris Morris afterwards. I'm also knackered, but that's probably because of the heat. I'm just going to lounge around watching TGWTG clips and eating rice noodles stir-fry for a couple of hours until the film starts.

Also, a shiny new penny for the person who guesses which prompt I filled in on the UK Lolitics meme. :P

The seven days meme - part 2!

day 01 | a song day
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

What's this I see? An excuse to post pictures I couldn't be arsed to upload earlier? Shall I take this opportunity? You bet I will!

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