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So my younger sister Daz turned 18 this week (holy crap, how the hell did that happen?) and she was supposed to be going out for the weekend with a friend, but said friend cancelled on her at the last minute, which was expected since she always does that, and I invited Daz down for the weekend to compensate. Of course, drinking was involved, as were night clubs, but I made sure she got a bit of culture as well. I took her to the Surgeon's Hall Museum, where the history of medical marvels are kept in full disgusting display. It's fascinating stuff but not exactly the cheeriest thing in the world. Nothing says happy birthday like display cases full of fetus skeletons, moulds of tumours and a book made from the skin on Burke, the murdering grave-robber! I also took her to the National Museum of Scotland for some less gory, but equally compelling, history.

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Now I've got more exams to worry about! The essay titles for the semester one essay exam go up tomorrow so I've got from Monday until Friday to finish 3000 words on the course I took last semester. Here's hoping I can remember some of it. I'm on something of an academic ego trip since I got my last Old Irish exam back - the one I sat whilst unable to talk - and got 85%! Still grinning wildly over that. I've finished my translation exam - that was a take home one - so I hope it's up to par and I can reschedule that damn resit. I know I can do it and I'm somewhat calmer than I have been in the past when approaching such topics but still, I'm always aware of the panic potential. I'm trying not to think about it too much though, I have too much shit to deal with first. I'll leave you with a fuzzy photo of the castle at night from Grassmarket, one of my favourite places in the whole city.


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