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Eek, I go back to university in less than a week.

It's been a seriously long Summer, what with having no job and nothing much to do, so I can't believe it's only been 3 months since I came back home. It feels like an age. But I know that when I go back to Edinburgh it'll feel like I've never been away. I'm still looking for a part time job in the city and I've got so much I want to do this year I think I'd better start planning some sort of schedule or something so I know I'll get stuff done instead of lounging around and procrastinating as is my want. I really want to do NaNo this year but I can't decide if I want to do a paranormal story (I do have an idea for a vampire story involving grand art theft, obsession, the city of Edinburgh and vampires that turn into corpses in the sunlight) or a contemporary one (book censorship, church versus state, sexual awakening, all that good stuff). I've still got over a month to decide so I'll wait and see.

I have a few things to do before I go back to Edinburgh too, like visit Petsa and Reuben again, get my eyelashes done (I'm seriously the opposite of vain but there's something strangely relaxing about getting dye put onto your eyes, honestly) and visit my grandad again. I made a batch of scones with strawberries and cream and took them down to his new place at the beginning of the week, I hope he didn't eat them all in one go, he has a habit of doing that. It'll be nice to get back to the city where I'll be less bored and within closer proximity to the cinema and more bookshops!

Side note: thanks to cleolinda  for the sparkly promotion of my Hush, Hush review. I understand I got a few more followers out of her generous pimping so hi there! I'm still hoping she'll review the book, if only because I want to see her recap style on the horrors of angels with dog's names. I wrote my first real piece for my blog too, replying to a YA author's piece on boys in YA. Hope you all enjoy! I'd also really appreciate some suggestions for books to read that you'd like to see reviewed. I've got a couple but there's always room for more. I've got a few books ready to be reviewed soon, one good and one sparkly bad! 

And now for your daily unf...

QI Stephen

After these messages!

Mum and dad are currently in Spain having a good time so I am in charge of the house! I am doing a damn fine job if I do say so myself and I'm sure Daz will agree. We've been keeping ourselves busy and gran cooked dinner for us tonight because, despite 2 years of independent living, my culinary skills are still in question. We went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday and even though there were a lot of annoying kids in the screen because it was a matinee, it was worth the 11 year wait! Add my name to the list of people who cried like a baby watching it - it was evil to make us cry like that! 

Tonight will be a lazy night with some wine and Sherlock, the modern day adaptation by Mark Gatiss (yay!) and Stphen Moffat (equal amounts of yay). I've waited far too long for this so I'll leave you with some unf factor in Holmes and Watson, with Mr Benedict Cumberbatch.


EDIT: Dear world.

How are you all? Good, that's nice.

I need a Sherlock fandom. Anytime now would be nice. I haven't flailed over a TV Show like that since Doctor Who, it was definitely worth the wait and the fangirl flailing was completely justified. Bring on next week!

Kitten Mittens!

Semester two is over.

Seriously. Not counting exams, this is my 2nd year of university over. Holy christ, where did it all go? I finished my 4 frakking essays in 3 frakking weeks and now I'm home for a week or so with the comfy recliner chair, the big bloody TV and my lovely family who are still driving me nuts but I don't care. The essays went from pretty good (67% for the English lit one, still not an A but I chose Ulysses and Mrs Dalloway to write about which we hadn't studied at the time and he complimented my confidence on choosing those texts so I'm not as pissy and melodramatic as I was for the last essay) to 'holy shit I don't care I'm just glad it's over' (not got the ethnology one back yet but I just need to pass because I'm not taking it anymore. I ran out of things to say about 1000 words away from my final word count so I just blabbed about how much of a twat Walter Scott was!)

I filled in my honours form for English lit. I only had to choose 2 modules, one for each semester, because I'm a joint honours student. I chose "Shakespeare the fabulous politician" and "gender and theatrical representation" which are both right up my alley. Hope I get them. 

I am devoid of anything else interesting to say. So here's a clip from my new favourite sick comedy show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Summer employment - I has it!

Mock the Week

I had an interview at Tesco on Thursday for a night shift job and I was pretty down that they hadn't called back because I was convinced I'd been successful. I was right. I'm so happy now, the depleting funds in my bank account were beginning to terrify me, now I'll be able to push the funds up a bit and maybe have some extra for a bit of a wilder time at the festival! It's just shelf stacking but it's a well paying job (£7.50 an hour after midnight) and snce I barely sleep these days it works to my advantage. The best bit is they leave the job available for you if you want to go back to it next year! So if my sketchy dreams to work in America next Summer fail, I have a back up plan. I just need to call them tonight and sort out some details. Hurray for employment! 

In more exciting fangirl news, I'm finally contributing to fandom for the first time in ages. Yay to fakenews_fanfic and the demented OT's for inspiration. I'm surprised I got as many comments for one story as I did - bringing love to the obscure pairings has it's perks. I also contributed to the pundit kink meme but not telling you which one is mine. That would defeat the purpose of anonymous porn! 

I'll leave you with some US Whose Line, one of my favourite games! Enjoy!


Job - sort of.

Going back to Edinburgh on Sunday. Once again these past three weeks have felt like a return to normal that's ending all too soon. I really would like to stay for the rest of the holidays but I feel that a week back in the flat to revise quietly will be much more productive than endless lunching with friends and Brit-com repeats that I oh so adore. I'm winning the gold medal in procrastination once again. I am having massive doubts about my Gaelic exam. My revision just isn't sticking and I need to pass this exam so badly. I just want to pull 50%, a simple pass. It doesn't count to the end of my degree so if I can pull this through or flunk my way then I can look into changing things for 2nd year. I love Gaelic, I just can't do it. Maybe it just isn't my thing. I've been looking over my old high school French stuff and I started to remember how much I loved the class and miss it. See, regrets. Stupid things. Maybe I can change my degree, keep it as Celtic but more into the history and civilisation angle. I like that stuff. Wish me luck in getting 50%, it seems more and more unlikely the closer the exam comes.

On a more positive note, I may have employment for Summer. Berry picking, how Blair-esque. I haven't done it since I was about 9. Hopefully it won't be all Summer, I don't fancy spending all 3 months working 6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. I do have plans for more fun stuff this Summer too, including hopefully a few LJ friend meet ups and the Edinburgh festival! I just need money for uni next year, then I can get a proper job at uni, yay for living closer to the action.

In the news this week...

Mock the Week
Revision sucks like a Bangkok prostitute. I just can't get into the proper mindset for it and keep getting distracted by dinner dates with friends which have included the American diner in Dundee (Pam got to use her sat-nav and we blasted really crap music all the way there, complete with Daz in the back singing along) and chips in Dunkeld (any time Pam gets to use her sat-nav is a good day.) Don't get into political debates with people you like though, you'll turn into a columnist for CNN (or Fox if you're Pam). I'm beginning to think that I should look into a career in politics since the Gaelic media idea is slowly going down the crapper. My only problem is I don't fully support one party. Mum said to jump onto a bandwagon of whoever is most popular at the time, very Scottish thing to say I thought. I'll need to properly research it. Hmm, I've already done work experience for the Tories, maybe they'll take me. I'll just need to tell everyone I hate the Tories though. The very mention of the party up here is usually followed by a spit and a rant.

How was your Easters? We did nada which was good. In the evening we went to my auntie's new house which I've never seen before. Very large TVs, I was impresed. My cousin and his fiance were there. She's only got a few more weeks to go until baby Lewis is born and she's getting a bit sick of the bump. Don't blame here, I've got a holiday belly right now and that's annoying enough. Sacha is loving the books I sent her and the future baby and hopefully she'll like the book I got her or Easter - The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. I love it. She just sort of stared at it when I gave her it but my auntie read it out to her and she seemed more excited. Hopefully another book fan in the family. We're few in numbers.

At least I've got to do some proper TV viewing recently - series one of Pushing Daisies and The Thick of It were the highlights. Polar opposites but both brilliant in their own ways. The lovely throwthebones  kindly gave me the download for the soundtrack to the current London production of Oliver! I am mightily impressed with Burn Gornam's pipes, Barrowman better watch out. Jodie Prenger - the I'd Do Anything winner - is pretty good although she overdoes the accent a bit and Rowan Atkinson can't sing to save himself but when you're as awesome as he is, it doesn't matter! And of course, like all YouTube users, I'm loving Susan Boyle. I loathe Britain's Got Talent for many reasons - it lines Simon Cowell's already deep pockets, it's bear baiting cruelty, the fact that Piers Morgan and talent are put in the same sentence (the closest he's come to talent was when Clarkson punched him in the face) - but she was truly amazing. I just wanted to jump up and cheer for her and laugh at those losers who sneered at her, the judges included. How condescending were their comments? So now I desperately need to get my hands on the Les Miserables soundtrack, I just don't have enough musical soundtracks.

Catch up time!

Eek 5 days since a post? where does the time go? 

So what's happened since I was last here? On Tuesday it was Daz's birthday and I went in to the high school to visit her and all her little posse. I was very surprised to find out that her friends had planned a party for her as a surprise. There was cake and food and of course the cheesy speech. Daz got very emotional about it all, I don't blame her. I never got anything like that at school and she was so taken aback by it all. She made a little video of the mini party, seen below. See if you can spot when I walk into the room.

Daz is also going to Malawi next year with the school to do some volunteer work. She's gorgeous and charitable. So she's got a lot of fundraising to do to pay for the whole trip (yep, she's got to make money to give money) but she's incredibly excited about it. Don't blame her myself. But the girls who did the trip when I was at the school were prissy overachievers only worried about how good they looked in front of the cameras. Hurray for not caring!

On Wednesday I went to Dundee with Petsa for a catch up dinner and shop. Of course we spent most of the time in the bookshops and I did not come away empty handed. Stephen Fry's book on how to write poetry, The Ode Less Travelled, was on sale and there was no way this Fryphile was leaving the shop without it. I don't plan on writing poetry but it's an awesome book and very informative and witty, of course. I also got the first series of Pushing Daisies. Chuck/Ned/Olive are awesome! Actually everything about the show is amazing. Why did they cancel it? WHY? Petsa got Battle Royale and Sweeney Todd - suitably less sweet and calming book/DVD combo than mine. Good choices though. Then we went to the Indian buffet for a good curry. You can't get good curry in Edinburgh.

Today me, my mum and Daz went to see The Boat That Rocked. It's Richard Curtis' new movie based around the stories of the pirate radio stations in the 1960s who played rock and pop music from ships in the North Sea. I love Curtis despite his forays into sentimentality and cheesiness and this was no exception. It wasn't his best, nowhere near as good as his TV work, but it was a fun, frothy movie with a great soundtrack and a fantastic cast. So many awesome actors and I would gladly kiss the ground most of them walk on. Sadly not enough Chris O' Dowd or Rhys Darby but is there ever? I spent the entire time trying to figure out who played the ship's cook then it hit me that it was her from The IT Crowd! I want to work with Richard Curtis. Floor sweeper, tea maker - give me any job! It's a love letter to music and friendship and it's perfect if you just want to relax. I still haven't seen The Damned United or Two Lovers (recent flat mouse invasion ruined that) so I might catch up with them soon.

Brad Sherwood
Damn erratic sleeping habits! I didn't bring my Nytol with me and we were out of milk so I just ended up plopping around the living room with my dad on the couch sleeping (he could sleep through an earthquake) and played my mum's DS. I don't think watching TV shows about famous murders is a good viewing material when you can't sleep, especially when they show pictures from the murder. Geez, the Black Dahlia murder was horrific! Thank god the picture was in black and white! It didn't help that when I did fall asleep I had a dream that Piers Morgan was trying to drown me! I knew I hated that man for a good reason, other than him being a pure twat! I'm staying at home for an extra few days, just to enjoy lounging around with my family and watching Black Books and Gavin and Stacey a lot. I'm almost done with my first episode of the kids TV show I'm writing. Do you think The Disney Channel would like a show that doesn't have tacked on morals, pop songs or merchandise opportunities? It could be too bloody for them if I do decide to add the gore like my original plan. Kids need a bit of gore, it didn't do me and my sis any harm. Actually it freaked the hell out of me but my sis loves it! If you're interested I shall post a few scenes. My plan is to become bigger than Stephenie Meyer without doing her usual habit of raping a thesaurus! It can be done!

Tha mi sgith.

Yay I think I did okay on my Gaelic speaking exam. I only froze once and my teacher was really nice about it and simplified the question. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was about 5 minutes of conversation, a small passage to read out and reciting some numbers. I'd been cramming trying to memorise a few cool things to say, like how I can't cook and I like spending time with my family at christmas. (Christmas in Gaelic is Nollaig just in case you're interested.) I had to do dictation and listening exercises too which were difficult but I think I pulled through. Christmas luck for me! I'm writing my English essay tonight and tomorrow. It's about gender in literature and the two texts I'll be using are The Importance of Being Earnest and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (read them if you haven't already.) Then I'm going home on Friday! I must say I can't wait to get a break and just lounge around with my family. Even though it's going to be different this year - my um is cooking dinner for us all at our house instead of my gran! I've got a bag of noodles and cheese toasties on standby just in case - mum cooks as well as I do!

Quick update from back home.

Yay I'm home with my family! I've missed the strange familiarity of my own couch and bed and making sarcastic comments with my sister. Frankly, after the past couple of weeks, I've needed nothing more than to see my family again and just relax for a bit. I'm going home later tonight though so it's been a fleeting visit. My laptop has crashed! I'm using the home one so I might not be able to get back here for a few days, unless I go to an internet cafe for a quick update. Can't keep you guys out of the loop, it's too much of a salvation here for me to stop posting! 

Regarding my situation with Gaelic - I'm not going. I still can't look that lecturer in the face but I can't let one prick ruin my future plans or my time as a student. My director of studies wanted to move me into Celtic Civilisation but I wasn't keen. So when I came home I talked it over with my parents who always have excellent advice (slight sarcasm there) and they told me to stick with Gaelic, if only out of sheer stubborn-ness. (Not joking!) So I e-mailed my Director of studies and told him I'm sticking with Gaelic 1A. I know I can pass that course, and it's going to hurt for a while knowing that jackass doesn't want me there but hell, it's my future, not his!

And onto something more fun. Keep your fingers crossed for me on Wednesday. I'm going to submit an idea to Bedlam for a possible lunchtime freshers slot. It means I would be able to put on a play as long as everybody involved is a fresher. I have texted my freshers play group and asked if they're interested. So wish me luck and hope it gets submitted successfully! 


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