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My parents took me out drinking...yep...

John Sessions

God, I love my mum and dad!

They came over for the weekend to visit. I miss my parents a lot when they're not here, even when they're annoying me a little. It's cool when they stay here because it's my flat and I make the rules bitch! The weather's been pretty miserable so we didn't do much for fear of the wind cutting us in half. We had a nice pub dinner last night before going ou for drinks. I think my parents forgot how expensive pubs are in Edinburgh, my dad made some very interesting expressions handing over his money last night. We even went to Cafe Habana for a drink. Yep, not only did I go out drinking with my mum and dad, we went to a gay bar! I love my family. There was a mini cabaret event for World AIDS Day so these two drag queens did a little show. I hate that those guys looked so good in short sparkly dresses whereas I just look like a really unconvincing hippo. And they could walk in heels! Not fair! Today we went to the museum and did a bit of shopping. We were going to walk around the Xmas market but it was far far too cold for that and we ended up running back to the warmth of my room. Hopefully I'll be home in a couple of weeks after the exams.

That was a boring, short entry so just so I haven't completely wasted your time, here are a few links of interest:

Spill.Com review New Moon. Anything that involves mocking this series is fine by me.
This Week in Tabloids. I read way more trashy magazines than I should (I like to read while I eat but I don't want to cover all my good books in food and sauce so I read stuff I don't mind semi-drooling over.) and the cover stories in American tabloids just blow ours out of the water (and no Jordan - Yay!)
Empire's review of The Lovely Bones. I hated the book but Saoirse Ronan combined with Peter Jackson and this review have heightened by interest in the movie. I always thought the visuals of the book were better suited to film. Ronan 2010 Oscar please?
"It's okay, I understand Adam Lambert made you feel funny." I know nothing about American Idol, nor do I have any interest in the winners, but the total non-controversy that is that rather hot guy making out on stage with another rather hot guy is so much ado about nothing and I think Feministing pretty much nail it on the head.
Anderson Cooper at CNN Heroes 2009, as told by Dlisted. MK has a crush on Anderson, can you tell?
Geeky Soaps! Who want to buy me Star Trek soap?
Peter Capaldi on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Capaldi and Ferguson took acid together. And used to be in bad punk rock bands. And they're Scottish. Representing my people! If you haven't seen The Thick of It or In The Loop, watch them both immediately. For certain Americans on my F-List, Peter's character is like a Scottish version of Rahm Emanuel. ;)
The Last Station trailer. Johnny Sessions, I adore you more than I really should. Please never grow facial hair again. That is all.

I'm alive!

The Village
Night shift and subsequent sleeping through the day is eating up a lot of my time but I'm not dead! Most of my LJ time ends up being commenting on other posts and reading fic. Fic is a nice way to relax after a night of tearing open boxes, stacking shelves and putting up with the awful music they play on the radio at 3am. I freaking hate that new Lady Gaga song.

I'd give you a big long description of my job but it's really not exciting enough to warrent such a post and I'm sure you're all far too exciting to care about what happens in Tesco after dark (it does not turn into a gay bar like Alan Carr says!) I work from 10:30 until 7am, ouch. It's really not so bad but getting into the routine was tough and very tiring. I get home in time for the repeat of Shepard Smith's show which is nice (yes, I feel like a dirty hypocrite watching a Fox show but he's so sassy and has a lovely voice and I'm waiting for the day he snaps on air again and does another 'fucking' rant. Plus he's pretty in a serial-killer-eyebrows way.) I've got 4 more weeks to go of my contract and by then I'll have enough money to pay off my overdraft plus festival money! 

I honestly have nothing else of interest to talk about, I am that boring! So go back to your normal schedule. Or go and read my fakenews fanfic entries! Yes, shameless pimping but I'm just sleep deprived enough to get away with it.


Jun. 17th, 2009

That's how long I lasted in my Summer job berry picking.

Two fucking days.

Strawberries are now on my enemies list, right next to Glenn Beck and whoever cancelled Carnivale. Bending down in the mud to pick those things gave me back spasms, leg pains and dizziness and I couldn't physically cope with it after two fucking days. So I quit. And now my dad thinks I'm a failure. Last night he did this whole 'disappointed dad' routine and basically said I was lazy and stuck up and that I thought the job was beneath me. Believe me, I wouldn't have quit the job if I thought I could physically cope with it. But I just couldn't stand the pain. After one night, I woke up at 4am with a shaking back. Your back isn't supposed to do that! I know I'm not designed for physical stuff, I've always known that. Yes, I need the money but I value my wellbeing higher than money. So my dad thinks I'm a failure. He didn't need to tell me that - I don't think highly of myself anyway, he didn't need to inform me of something I already fucking knew.

After I went to bed, I lay in bed watching Eureka with Daz and working over a few things in my head. I needed some water so I went back down and ended up snapping a little, I told my dad if he thought giving me a huge speech on my misdeeds would improve things or make me feel better about myself, he was wrong, and I might have let it slip that I've always secretly felt like a failure. It's true, but it ended the conversation there and then. He didn't reply, he just stood there. To be fair, I was crying by this point and he's a guy that can't cope with tears. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to wash the dishes. I just felt like since I was such a failure and incapable of doing anything right, the least I could do to contribute to the household was wash a few plates. Stupid logic, I know. So, a bad day for Kayleigh.

I've got a ton of C.V.s to print off now and places to go begging for jobs tomorrow - great way to spend my 19th birthday. It's stupid of me to complain anyway. Yesterday, I was posting in the huge Iran live post on ONTD_Political and I've never felt prouder to be a part of something. I just wish I could get involved more with this. I'll leave you with a sight that gives me hope. No, not half naked comedians. :P

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Things infinitely better than revision.

Well, pretty much everything but here's a list.

* The last three movies I saw at the cinema - Coraline 3D (beautiful, twisted and the perfect medium for Gaiman's stories), Star Trek (sci-fi geek amazingness, pretty boys and just generally great) and Angels and Demons (tosh but fun, mindless tosh with Ewan McGregor as a sexy priest and Tom Hanks just showing why I like him so much).

* Jars of Nutella.

* The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

* Long walks around Edinburgh.

* Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. 

* Dave (always will be amazing).

* Pasta with tuna and sweetcorn. 

* Discount food from very kind takeaway managers.

* ONTD_Political.

* The vast majority of the entries on the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as Graham Norton's commentary.

* Pretty notepads, including the ones I got from my lovely LJ friends, you know who you are, thanks girls! *hugs*

* New friends! *hey Julie*


Big love!

Mark Gatiss
I must give a massive shout out of love and thank yous to madeluxx   and fantasy_bubbles   for their lovely belated Easter gifts. You're both too awesome and generous and I can't say thank you enough! 

My initial plan for tonight was to revise, watch Ashes to Ashes and eat my new tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream but my gran is in town so we're going out for food and a drink instead. Right now I think I deserve it. I got my tutorial assessment back today - 80% - and my most recent essay - 65% - so I'm feeling a little proud of myself. I treated myself to some books as well with the book token I got at Xmas from crouchea  Hurrah for 3 for 2 deals - the biggest temptation in my life. I got The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao (Junot Diaz), Ink Exchange (Melissa Marr) and Let The Right One In (John Ajvide Lindqvist). Pulitzer prize winner, trashy teen paranormal fantasy and a Swedish vampire horror. Good mix.

Got a little anecdote too from last night. I was being a lazy bitch and I decided to go get some chips and cheese from the kebab shop near my flat. I went in and a guy was cleaning the place, the new management. We ended up talking about politics for some reason. I have no idea how the topic winded up there. But it paid off because when it came to paying for my food he gave me a massive discount and said I'd continue to get money off whenever I go there! See, politics pays off for the indecisive students.

Job - sort of.

Going back to Edinburgh on Sunday. Once again these past three weeks have felt like a return to normal that's ending all too soon. I really would like to stay for the rest of the holidays but I feel that a week back in the flat to revise quietly will be much more productive than endless lunching with friends and Brit-com repeats that I oh so adore. I'm winning the gold medal in procrastination once again. I am having massive doubts about my Gaelic exam. My revision just isn't sticking and I need to pass this exam so badly. I just want to pull 50%, a simple pass. It doesn't count to the end of my degree so if I can pull this through or flunk my way then I can look into changing things for 2nd year. I love Gaelic, I just can't do it. Maybe it just isn't my thing. I've been looking over my old high school French stuff and I started to remember how much I loved the class and miss it. See, regrets. Stupid things. Maybe I can change my degree, keep it as Celtic but more into the history and civilisation angle. I like that stuff. Wish me luck in getting 50%, it seems more and more unlikely the closer the exam comes.

On a more positive note, I may have employment for Summer. Berry picking, how Blair-esque. I haven't done it since I was about 9. Hopefully it won't be all Summer, I don't fancy spending all 3 months working 6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. I do have plans for more fun stuff this Summer too, including hopefully a few LJ friend meet ups and the Edinburgh festival! I just need money for uni next year, then I can get a proper job at uni, yay for living closer to the action.

In the news this week...

Mock the Week
Revision sucks like a Bangkok prostitute. I just can't get into the proper mindset for it and keep getting distracted by dinner dates with friends which have included the American diner in Dundee (Pam got to use her sat-nav and we blasted really crap music all the way there, complete with Daz in the back singing along) and chips in Dunkeld (any time Pam gets to use her sat-nav is a good day.) Don't get into political debates with people you like though, you'll turn into a columnist for CNN (or Fox if you're Pam). I'm beginning to think that I should look into a career in politics since the Gaelic media idea is slowly going down the crapper. My only problem is I don't fully support one party. Mum said to jump onto a bandwagon of whoever is most popular at the time, very Scottish thing to say I thought. I'll need to properly research it. Hmm, I've already done work experience for the Tories, maybe they'll take me. I'll just need to tell everyone I hate the Tories though. The very mention of the party up here is usually followed by a spit and a rant.

How was your Easters? We did nada which was good. In the evening we went to my auntie's new house which I've never seen before. Very large TVs, I was impresed. My cousin and his fiance were there. She's only got a few more weeks to go until baby Lewis is born and she's getting a bit sick of the bump. Don't blame here, I've got a holiday belly right now and that's annoying enough. Sacha is loving the books I sent her and the future baby and hopefully she'll like the book I got her or Easter - The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. I love it. She just sort of stared at it when I gave her it but my auntie read it out to her and she seemed more excited. Hopefully another book fan in the family. We're few in numbers.

At least I've got to do some proper TV viewing recently - series one of Pushing Daisies and The Thick of It were the highlights. Polar opposites but both brilliant in their own ways. The lovely throwthebones   kindly gave me the download for the soundtrack to the current London production of Oliver! I am mightily impressed with Burn Gornam's pipes, Barrowman better watch out. Jodie Prenger - the I'd Do Anything winner - is pretty good although she overdoes the accent a bit and Rowan Atkinson can't sing to save himself but when you're as awesome as he is, it doesn't matter! And of course, like all YouTube users, I'm loving Susan Boyle. I loathe Britain's Got Talent for many reasons - it lines Simon Cowell's already deep pockets, it's bear baiting cruelty, the fact that Piers Morgan and talent are put in the same sentence (the closest he's come to talent was when Clarkson punched him in the face) - but she was truly amazing. I just wanted to jump up and cheer for her and laugh at those losers who sneered at her, the judges included. How condescending were their comments? So now I desperately need to get my hands on the Les Miserables soundtrack, I just don't have enough musical soundtracks.


John Sessions
You ever wonder if something good happens that you're going to pay for it somehow later on? I can't help but shake that feeling right now even though I've got some good news. Yesterday a guy in my Gaelic class offered me a room for next year. It's closer to the uni (no sleeping in and missing buses) for the same costs and while it isn't as fancy as my current flat, it's convenient and the rooms are big and I'd get to live with a friend and his girlfriend. So after we viewed the place and I ran it by my parents, I said yes! So yay for that confusion getting out of the way quickly. But after what happened last year and my less than easy relationship with the uni accommodation services, I'm terrified something's going to go wrong soon. So please ladies keep youur fingers crossed. The room's got a massive floor so first chance you all get, party at my place! 

Right, admit it ladies. Was it one of you fantastic girls who posted this in fandomsecret   If not then we need to find this person!

Flatmate drama and nipple tassles.

It's been a busy couple of days and it feels like it hasn't stopped yet. Friday started with a test. God, why do I put myself through such torture? But I got over it all pretty quickly because after my classes, I went to pick up my friend Petsa from the bus station. She's staying until tomorrow so we made the most of it. Yesterday we went to a bar that had a burlesque show. It's something I've always wanted to see. The dancers have so much grace, poise and confidence. You'd have to if you were dancing covered in balloons. What I really loved was that all the girls were different shapes and sizes. They were all gorgeous and had such confidence! And the undies! I got real knicker lust. Petsa is big on lingerie and kept pointing out all the bras she had. There was a guy doing burlesque too and he looked better in 6 inch heels and heart shaped nipple covers than I ever will. Plus she could actually move in those heels! Today we went to the Filling Station for a massive meal then the gay district for a few drinks. She got kissed, hugged, chatted up and everything else by so many people. It was insane but a lot of fun to watch.

My fun has been spoiled a little by my flatmate. She's gone behind my back with her mother and is planning to move out, thus breaking her contract. I was never informed until Friday, then today she asked me to clean my stuff up because she was showing the flat to someone who would take over the lease on her room. The callous cow then had the gall to move all of my stuff in the living room (and get my Stephen Fry In America book wet!) into a more presentable manner. I e-mailed my land-lady about it because she's not supposed to go about organising a let herself. My mum was raging and my dad wasn't very happy either. To be honest, I was fuming too. Talk about sneaking around. But frankly the cow can do what she wants because this flat is about as good a deal as there is available, especially with only 3 1/2 months of the academic year to go. My feet are killing me now so I'm going to rest them before I sleep.

Tenses - suck in every language.

John Sessions 2
Learning brand new tenses in Gaelic is not only dull and incredibly hard but just flies over my head like a homing pigeon! Luckily it isn't going to be in our next test. It would be nice to pass one of those things for once so this week will be revision cramming week! I've got to read Utopia by Thomas More as well because my friend Petsa is coming up this weekend and I don't think it would be very friendly to do homework while she sits there waiting for us to do out and drink. Sparknotes is calling! I've also got to go and pick up some leaflets on Scottish tourism for my ethnology essay. I wish we could write about our current topic of oral narrative. Yesterday we were being told about fairytales and how they change depending on the area. The Celtic version of Snow White features a talking trout! No joke! And today we listened to this folk-tale which featured a woman trying to shit while standing up a tree! You can tall these tales are Celtic, they've got drink, shit, delusions and possible elements of madness! And the Snow White one had bigamy too! Just to keep things fresh.


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