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That's right, it's time for me to write a post that isn't about YA novels for once (and I hear some cheers from my friends list.) A combination of the stupid Prop 8 supporters getting a stay on the ban so there won't be any gay marriages in California until December plus a self inducedrepeat of my rage at the man that runs the country (I try to have a daily #FuckYouDCam moment but often it just gets me into trouble) reminded me that I need to calm down a little and try relaxing with the delights the internet has to offer me so I thought I'd throw together a link vomit post of all those things for your enjoyment as well as mine. No sparkles included.

The lovely taversham 's post full of screencaps from the 3rd episode of Sherlock. I am already far too addicted to this show. Bring on series two. On that note, I'm pretty surprised that 221bSherlock is doing so well. Granted, we've got about 1/10th of the members of SherlockBBC but hell, it's still ace. anneloes4  and I are chuffed. Also, yay for Johnny Sessions in Sherlock.

And yay for my favourite gif ever. John/Griff/sock will never not make me happy. Seriously, if it stops making me happy, there is no hope.

Sugarcrafter, a website full of food porn and recipes I could only ever hope to cook in my lifetime.

Speaking of food porn, the queen of that entire industry,Nigella Lawson and a few episodes of her show.

Chris Sims of The ISB reviews the Anita Blake comic books in his own inimitable style, complete with rap lyrics. I'm sort of thinking about reviewing one of the shittier Anita Blake books but I'd never touch the comic, nobody does it like Chris. Not even Linkara. Sorry Linkara.
The Nostalgia Chick talks Disney Princesses.

A short documentary on the corporate fuckery, inate racism and just general insanity of the Disney company, Mickey Mouse Monopoly. Okay, this isn't exactly a big bringer of the smiles but it's something I'm genuinely fascinated by - it's far too much hassle trying to balance being a Disney fangirl with being a feminist concerned with the wellbeing of humanity. It's only 45-50 minutes long so give it a go.

And to remind you that Disney aren't evil 24/7, some toe tapping numbers from Hercules. (The Nostalgia Chick did a Hercules drinking game in her latest video if you're interested in combining the joys of youth with the joys of adulthood.)

The man that makes science sexy, Dr Ben Goldacre, on why homeopathy is balls.

The other man that makes science sexy, Professor Brian Cox, on the Large Hadron Collider. His nerdy enthusiasm for science is adorable.

A review of probably the worst romance novel ever written by Candy from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Side note, the author of that god awful book was caught out as a huge plagiarist by the owners of the website. Surely you're supposed to plagiarise to make your book better?

It's impossible for me to pick my favourite Keith-Rachel toss so I'm just posting the one that's on the front page of the kickittorachel YouTube account. Seriously, they're too adorable.

Oh, and thanks to last night's dream, I now have a crush on Holly Walsh. Nice.

Link vomit time!

Mark Gatiss
I'm ot going to bore you with the details of my crumbling self-confidence in my studies because it's dull and you're all much more exciting than that so without further delay, here is today's collection of links I've been browsing today, officially named 'link vomit!'

Gabourey Sidibe on Conan O' Brien. I haven't seen Precious yet and even though it's not really my thing, I really want to based solely on watching interviews with its leading lady. I want to be friends with her, she's so cool! She even manages to leave Conan speechless.
This Is Why You're Fat. I've never felt so healthy in my life. Although I can't lie, there are things on this site I would try at least once. What? I'm Scottish.
A Sci Fashion Gift Guide. Because nobody does t-shirts quite like the geeks.
6 Hilarious Attempts at Brain-Washing Kids with Comic Books. Oh my god, would somebody please buy me number 4? That looks like the most hilarious shit ever. Why didn't I know about this before? Let's be honest, semi cyber Sean Hannity clearly had a bit of facial work done there as well as having a robotic arm. So much fail yet so much win.
TVTropes. Prepare to waste about half of your life on this site.

Here are my current favourite podcasts.

TV on the Internet. A TV review podcast by husband and wife team (and Awardsdily regulars) Todd Vanderwerff and Libby Hill. I don't watch 95% of what they talk about but I love a good snarky TV commentary and their show is just a great mix of interesting TV analysis and fanboying.
Made of Fail. A hilarious geek snark on many things I don't really know or care about but it's a lot of fun. Some of their episodes are hilarious, such as their most recent New Moon snarking and their musical episode which turned into a discussion on Alice in Wonderland porn.

My parents took me out drinking...yep...

John Sessions

God, I love my mum and dad!

They came over for the weekend to visit. I miss my parents a lot when they're not here, even when they're annoying me a little. It's cool when they stay here because it's my flat and I make the rules bitch! The weather's been pretty miserable so we didn't do much for fear of the wind cutting us in half. We had a nice pub dinner last night before going ou for drinks. I think my parents forgot how expensive pubs are in Edinburgh, my dad made some very interesting expressions handing over his money last night. We even went to Cafe Habana for a drink. Yep, not only did I go out drinking with my mum and dad, we went to a gay bar! I love my family. There was a mini cabaret event for World AIDS Day so these two drag queens did a little show. I hate that those guys looked so good in short sparkly dresses whereas I just look like a really unconvincing hippo. And they could walk in heels! Not fair! Today we went to the museum and did a bit of shopping. We were going to walk around the Xmas market but it was far far too cold for that and we ended up running back to the warmth of my room. Hopefully I'll be home in a couple of weeks after the exams.

That was a boring, short entry so just so I haven't completely wasted your time, here are a few links of interest:

Spill.Com review New Moon. Anything that involves mocking this series is fine by me.
This Week in Tabloids. I read way more trashy magazines than I should (I like to read while I eat but I don't want to cover all my good books in food and sauce so I read stuff I don't mind semi-drooling over.) and the cover stories in American tabloids just blow ours out of the water (and no Jordan - Yay!)
Empire's review of The Lovely Bones. I hated the book but Saoirse Ronan combined with Peter Jackson and this review have heightened by interest in the movie. I always thought the visuals of the book were better suited to film. Ronan 2010 Oscar please?
"It's okay, I understand Adam Lambert made you feel funny." I know nothing about American Idol, nor do I have any interest in the winners, but the total non-controversy that is that rather hot guy making out on stage with another rather hot guy is so much ado about nothing and I think Feministing pretty much nail it on the head.
Anderson Cooper at CNN Heroes 2009, as told by Dlisted. MK has a crush on Anderson, can you tell?
Geeky Soaps! Who want to buy me Star Trek soap?
Peter Capaldi on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Capaldi and Ferguson took acid together. And used to be in bad punk rock bands. And they're Scottish. Representing my people! If you haven't seen The Thick of It or In The Loop, watch them both immediately. For certain Americans on my F-List, Peter's character is like a Scottish version of Rahm Emanuel. ;)
The Last Station trailer. Johnny Sessions, I adore you more than I really should. Please never grow facial hair again. That is all.


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