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My top 5 films of 2011.

I can't sleep, I'm too emotional and I'm resisting the temptation to read the remaining 5 mini-cakes in the box next to my bed. I need a distraction and The Hollywood Reporter gave me one (no, I'm not in this one.) The serious lack of women in directorial positions in film is of no big surprise to me or anyone else. Even this year, where we have a brilliant selection of women directing films, is evidence of the studio system being run primarily by straight white guys, with women directors taking to the indie route to get their films made. The Hollywood Reporter's round-table of directors this year featured no women and when the topic was brought up, most danced around the subject. So, to save my twitter followers from the pain of my spamming, I've decided to put together some videos, pictures and facts on female directors. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment with further facts and people I may have left out!

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I just know I've forgotten some big name female director in this entry so please feel free to contribute with your favourites. I'd love to hear some opinions on the state of the film industry in terms of gender politics, be it the people making the films or the content they present. 

Great Scott!

It's been a fun few days.

Okay, interesting maybe more than fun. I went to the careers fair on Tuesday, still all hyped up after the Tweet of the Day shenanigans, hoping to find something interesting to look into for after university. Of course, it was jampacked because every other panicking 3rd/4th year had the same idea. So many accountancy/corporation booths. Apparently the offices of PriceWaterHouseCooper are heavily filled with recent graduates. It was all a little depressing because beyond writing I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'd like to work in some political field maybe, especially womens rights, but a humanities degree isn't exactly screaming signs of hiring potential unfortunately. Maybe I can paint a big sign that says "Celtic/English lit grad - will read for food" and stand by the side of the road.

But future panicking aside, it's been good. Tonight was the 25th anniversary screening of Back to the Future so of couse Nat, me and some friends had to see it. I don't care how many times you've seen it, you have to see it on the big screen. It just blew me away. I'll never get sick of that film. Although when I was waiting for Nat and the tickets, I noticed a big pile of postcards for the next book I will be reviewing for the blog. It felt a little dirty but hopefully my review will cleanse that feeling away.

I leave you with my shameless reposting of my 140 characters of fame:

My Top 20 Favourite Movies (#10-1.)

Spirited Away

It’s time for the remainder of my list. Feel free to disagree and discuss and apologies for my rambling attempts at cinematic analysis.Read more...Collapse )

My Top 20 Favourite Movies (#20-11.)

The Village

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing books recently so I thought it was time to discuss my other big love, movies. Most of my friends know me more as a film buff than a bookworm although I’ll happily accept both labels with pride. Movies have played a huge part in my life, from my earliest memory of going to the cinema with my mum and dad to see “Aladdin” (probably one of the reasons I’m such a big Disney nerd) to being forced to watch films with my grandmother to staying up late to watch the Oscars in my university flat with my friend I met on a movie forum. I could go on and on about movies I love, movies I hate and long winded analysis about the minute elements of the cinematography nobody else gives a damn about. So, inspired by the Nostalgia Critic’s own list, here is my top 20 favourite movies of all time.


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Thpughts? Huge problems with my list? Recommendatios based on my choices? Comment away! I'd love to hear some of your lists too. Part 2 coming soon.

And now for your daily unf...

QI Stephen

After these messages!

Mum and dad are currently in Spain having a good time so I am in charge of the house! I am doing a damn fine job if I do say so myself and I'm sure Daz will agree. We've been keeping ourselves busy and gran cooked dinner for us tonight because, despite 2 years of independent living, my culinary skills are still in question. We went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday and even though there were a lot of annoying kids in the screen because it was a matinee, it was worth the 11 year wait! Add my name to the list of people who cried like a baby watching it - it was evil to make us cry like that! 

Tonight will be a lazy night with some wine and Sherlock, the modern day adaptation by Mark Gatiss (yay!) and Stphen Moffat (equal amounts of yay). I've waited far too long for this so I'll leave you with some unf factor in Holmes and Watson, with Mr Benedict Cumberbatch.


EDIT: Dear world.

How are you all? Good, that's nice.

I need a Sherlock fandom. Anytime now would be nice. I haven't flailed over a TV Show like that since Doctor Who, it was definitely worth the wait and the fangirl flailing was completely justified. Bring on next week!

The Princess Problem.

Mock the Week
It's no big secret that I love Disney movies. The very first film I saw at the cinema, and one of the earliest memories I have, was Aladdin, I was brought up with nightly readings from these abridged Disney storybooks my parents got me and even today I get giddy when I watch their films. Well, some of their films, I get a bit cringey with Pocahontas. I was incredibly excited to see John Lasseter, one of my heroes, take the helm of Disney after the studio had lost its way, jumpstarting things by re-opening the 2D animation studios and bringing us The Princess and the Frog. I freaking loved that movie. I already know most of the songs by heart and the only thing stopping me from owning the DVD and half price figurines that come with it when you buy it in Tescos is money troubles. It was truly a return to form, earning them a Best Animated Picture Oscar nomination and a whole new generation of fans.

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Here come the girls!

First, I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for my birthday, you are all fab and very sweet and I love you all! Yes, I love all of you! All of you! Yay! I had a lovely relaxed day with my family, we all ate some chocolate cake at my grandparents' house and then today my mum bought me a bunch of pretty clothes for my present. No doubt I will photograph them later for those who are interested.

Onto the thing that took me 2 freaking nights to finish! After the recent news that the folks at Criminal Minda have decided that female characters are easily expendable, I read some LJ posts that argued for the under-representation of female characters in media. After some pondering/some procrastination from more important stuff, I decided to write a list of 100 female characters I love. I didn't think it would be as difficult as it was and there was a bit of barrel scraping towards the end but overall I am happy with my list. I've written a few crappy paragraphs for explanations of certain characters I wanted to briefly fangirl over but feel free to enquire about others on the list. There weren't any real rules for the list - they all had to be fictional and could be from any medium.


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So what did I learn from this list? It didn't take me long to realise that I could have done a 100 male characters I love post in half the time and I think it's pretty obvious there's a huge difference in male to female characters in all creative mediums. But I think it's getting better, slowly but surely. Now, who's going to show me their list?

Oscars and Ghostbusters.

Okay... my last post... let's skip over that. Oh and thanks for the late warning that taking painkillers then going to bed drunk equals stomach aches. Shut up, I'm new to this drinking game. I can still remember pretty much everything so I can't have been completely shit faced. Bit queasy in the morning but nothing I haven't had before from (my) bad cooking.

Today was the Oscar nominations and you bet I did some squealing. Up is the 2nd animated film to get a Best Picture nomination after Beauty and the Beast and since it was my favourite film of the year I'm incredibly happy. Actually, 3 of my 5 favourite films were nominated for BP - Up, A Serious Man (no Stuhlbarg sadly but that was expected) and Inglourious Basterds. In The Loop also got a screenplay nod which is fucking fantastic! All this is currently outweighing the unfortunate and inevitable shitstorm that will be Oscar winner Sandra Bullock. God, that sounds weird. The acting noms are in general pretty predictable, the only one that made me do a 'really?!' was Maggie Gyllenhaal but I love her so I can't complain. And Kathryn Bigelow is on track to become the first female best director winner. I know it's sort of counter productive for people to concentrate on that fact but keep in mind how sexist AMPAS are, she's nominated despite being a woman, not because she's a woman. As long as Avatar doesn't get best picture, I'm fine (and that bloody Leona Lewis song didn't get nominated!)

In fandom news, the hamster of inspiration has been running in the wheel of productivity for the past couple of days. For fakenews I usually write really silly crack fic with completely fantastical stuff thrown in like werewolves, vampires, superheroes and most recently Ghostbusters. Yes, really. The very first discussion I ever had on FNFF was abut the possibility of a Ghostbusters/pundits crossover so it always stuck in my mind as a possible idea to make someone else write but then I ended up writing a comment fic about it myself, then a couple of days ago I did an actual fic post (it's a take on the 'There is no Dana' scene but with Anderson Cooper. What?) I have a lot of fun writing crack fic - it's silly, it makes me smile, it gives me an opportunity to be incredibly snarky and if I make one person laugh, it's a good day. I also wrote a long angsty fic which is completely different from what I usually do. I love to read about fucked up people in love, be it in books or fic but I suck at writing it myself. Shockingly, it's harder to be serious. I was really proud of that fic, especially since next to nobody ships that pairing, and got a comment from someone who didn't like the pairing and said they liked it which made me far too happy. I've always wondered how people view certain types of fic. Is a writer better because they concentrate on angst instead of comedy? Is a fic more 'worthy' if it makes someone cry or laugh? Can you really write about spontaneous orgasm giving superhero pundits and be taken seriously? At what point do you decide to actively avoid a fic writer? I'm probably just talking out of my arse here. But that angst fic really took it out of me so I'm going to stick to vampires and Alice in Wonderland for now.

The seven days meme - part 4!

day 01 | a song day
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

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I went to see Up in 3D today with Nathaneal and it was bloody amazing. I'm a huge Pixar fangirl but I can't stress enough how much I loved this film. It had everything in it - love, heartbreak, adventure, friendships, excitement, talking dogs, comedy, a floating house and a bird named Kevin. I seriously hope that with the new AMPAS rules in place, it can get a Best Picture Oscar nomination.



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