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I've just come in from a great night out It was all very sudden and unplanned but I loved every moment. My friend Casey, who is a postgraduate from USA, invited me to come with her and some of her friends to browse around the German Market. I immediately said yes and headed out. It was bloody freezing today, visible breath cold, which you'd think I'd be used to. There was something very heartwarming about the market though. Maybe it was the mulled beer. The smell of that would set your chest on fire. After we'd finished in the market, Casey's friend decided to take us to some gay bars!

I have always wanted to go to the gay bars but never had an opportunity before. My gran goes to them everytime she takes a mini break to Edinburgh (this fact made me very popular with some of the group!). The area is apparently known as the pink triangle, which I thought was rather kitsch. The first bar was a smaller place, quite modern and nowhere near full enough of hot gay guy couples. We played truth game asking each other weird questions which made me feel rather young and innocent. The second place was mainly a lesbian bar which was, rather oddly, showing End of Days on their big TV. It was on mute but the combination of that film, the strobe lighting and the techno version of Katy Perry was certainly an experience. The final place was very camp, and we were desperate to go to it solely because it had a discoball. There was a dancefloor too so I had a little go on it. I am a terrible dancer, I just don't know how to move properly to music. Luckily, nobody else there knew either. One very cute couple kept headbutting me everytime they kissed each-other (it was very crowded) and some dancers looked like they were being attacked by bugs. It's probably the only time in the world anybody would have seen me dancing to Britney Spears, of all people. It's just been a great experience. New people, new places, gratuitous perving, it's all good.  

Prom Report.

 After all the fuss, chaos and general bitching that went into organising the thing, the prom went surprisingly well. I had fun and everybody looked gorgeous! The highlights of the day:

* Getting my hair and make-up done by my friend Paula. She was more excited than I was. She kept the make-up subtle so I didn't feel caked under. The whole look, complete with dress, fascinator and shoes, was very 1920s flapper girl inspired. I wanted to be a bit unique and Paula certainly helped me achieve that. The heels were agony but it was the first time I'd ever worn a pair so it was an experience if nothing else.

* Going to the prom in a Range Rover with 2 of my friends. Nobody else came in one of those vehicles. Petsa and Ryan looked great.

* Seeing everybody all dressed up and looking beautiful. Everyone was so complimentary to each other, it put me at ease. Except for one girl who looked me up and down like some sort of inspection, cow! 

* The dancing. The music was totally naff but you don't go for the quality, it's all about the atmosphere. How come nobody admits to liking Bay City Rollers but when the music starts they all know the words to Shang A Lang? Of course there was the usual appearance of 500 Miles which had everyobe on their feet, it wouldn't be a party without that song.

* The awards. The former prefects put together a joke award ceremony which had such awards as "Cheesiest Smile" and "Biggest Puker." I was rather surprised to find myself nominated for Biggest Imagination! I didn't win but it was an interesting gesture. Wonder why I was nominated...

* The best compliment ever. At one point in the night, my old geography teacher Mr Anderson (total legend) came up to me, gave me a hug and said "You are so unique!" He might have been drunk but it made me smile all night. It's nice to know I might have actually made an impression. I hated that place but I will miss a lot about it.


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