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Oscars and Ghostbusters.

Okay... my last post... let's skip over that. Oh and thanks for the late warning that taking painkillers then going to bed drunk equals stomach aches. Shut up, I'm new to this drinking game. I can still remember pretty much everything so I can't have been completely shit faced. Bit queasy in the morning but nothing I haven't had before from (my) bad cooking.

Today was the Oscar nominations and you bet I did some squealing. Up is the 2nd animated film to get a Best Picture nomination after Beauty and the Beast and since it was my favourite film of the year I'm incredibly happy. Actually, 3 of my 5 favourite films were nominated for BP - Up, A Serious Man (no Stuhlbarg sadly but that was expected) and Inglourious Basterds. In The Loop also got a screenplay nod which is fucking fantastic! All this is currently outweighing the unfortunate and inevitable shitstorm that will be Oscar winner Sandra Bullock. God, that sounds weird. The acting noms are in general pretty predictable, the only one that made me do a 'really?!' was Maggie Gyllenhaal but I love her so I can't complain. And Kathryn Bigelow is on track to become the first female best director winner. I know it's sort of counter productive for people to concentrate on that fact but keep in mind how sexist AMPAS are, she's nominated despite being a woman, not because she's a woman. As long as Avatar doesn't get best picture, I'm fine (and that bloody Leona Lewis song didn't get nominated!)

In fandom news, the hamster of inspiration has been running in the wheel of productivity for the past couple of days. For fakenews I usually write really silly crack fic with completely fantastical stuff thrown in like werewolves, vampires, superheroes and most recently Ghostbusters. Yes, really. The very first discussion I ever had on FNFF was abut the possibility of a Ghostbusters/pundits crossover so it always stuck in my mind as a possible idea to make someone else write but then I ended up writing a comment fic about it myself, then a couple of days ago I did an actual fic post (it's a take on the 'There is no Dana' scene but with Anderson Cooper. What?) I have a lot of fun writing crack fic - it's silly, it makes me smile, it gives me an opportunity to be incredibly snarky and if I make one person laugh, it's a good day. I also wrote a long angsty fic which is completely different from what I usually do. I love to read about fucked up people in love, be it in books or fic but I suck at writing it myself. Shockingly, it's harder to be serious. I was really proud of that fic, especially since next to nobody ships that pairing, and got a comment from someone who didn't like the pairing and said they liked it which made me far too happy. I've always wondered how people view certain types of fic. Is a writer better because they concentrate on angst instead of comedy? Is a fic more 'worthy' if it makes someone cry or laugh? Can you really write about spontaneous orgasm giving superhero pundits and be taken seriously? At what point do you decide to actively avoid a fic writer? I'm probably just talking out of my arse here. But that angst fic really took it out of me so I'm going to stick to vampires and Alice in Wonderland for now.


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