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Who are you New York?

Rufus Wainwright was AMAZING! (Sorry this is so late but between continuous exam revision and napping I have been exhausted and unable to update without wanting to hit the keyboard in frustration.) It was completely different from the concert I saw in 2007. That affair was much more lavish, with lots of instruments, effects, dancing, Judy Garland tributes and general showiness. This concert was Rufus, his piano and a really nice coat. The first act was his new album, All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu, almost uninterrupted in chronological order. I was in tears by the end, it was so beautiful.

Rufus wrote the album while, as he put it, he was in mourning for his mother while she was still alive, and the heartache is so evident in the songs. The Wainwright-McGarrigle clan have never been stingey when it comes to confessional song-writing but this one felt almost invasive to listen to. The audience were told the first part would be applause free until he left the stage. I wasn't sure how the audience would react - seriously, telling a paying crowd of Scots what to do? - but when he left, the applause was rapturous. Part two was some old favourites but still him and the piano. The sign of a great musician is when you strip back all the pretensions and showy elements to leave the song at its barest and it's still fucking amazing, and Rufus blew me away yet again. Rufus was charming, engaging and very sweet as usual. I tartan trousers! I managed to note down the set list for the 2nd part of the concert:

* Beauty Mark (a song written about his mum, the concert felt like a dedication to her in many ways. He's going on tour with Martha soon and that's gonna be a Kate McGarrigle tribute. Oh I wish I could go!)
* Grey Gardens.
* Nobody's off the Hook (Release the Stars' songs were very popular that night with the crowd.)
* Matinee Idol (written about River Phoenix.)
* (-------) I can't remember the song!
* The Art Teacher (never gets old).
* Leaving for Paris No. 2.
* Little Sister.
* Dinner at 8 (voted by RW fans as his best song and it's hard to disagree. My personal favourite is currently Foolish Love but it's prone to changing every week or so.)
* Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk.
* Poses (he burped as he started to sing and had to start again. ADORABLE!)
* The Walking Song (a McGarrigle sisters song, the audience applauded at her name, it was a lovely moment.)

Money well spent. And of course I immediately had to run to HMV the next day to buy All Days are Nights!

In other news, my English lit exam was today. Can you say balls-up? I'm just glad it's over. My other two exams aren't for another three weeks so I'm gonna give myself tomorrow off to just chill and write fic (I'm writing a fake/real news AU set in 1930s Hollywood.) and finally catch up with Doctor Who and United States of Tara.

Now listen to Rufus! No excuses!

Music meme strikes again!

a. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
b. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
c. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

taversham gave me G.

1.Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA

2. Grey Gardens - Rufus Wainwright

3. Glorious - Muse

4. Greek Song - Rufus Wainwright

5. Gay Messiah - Rufus Wainwright

Can you tell who I listen to most of the time? 


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