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Mock the Week
Damn sleeping habits have fucked up again. Not good, my first exam is on Monday and I'd quite like to wake up on time for it. I just can't seem to destress and it's really annoying, which in turn makes me more stressed. Seriously, how is anyone supposed go survive on stress and 4 hours sleep? I'm not a happy bunny without sleep. Believe me. If anyone has any suggestions that would help they are greatly appreciated.

I did have a good night last night. I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages and we drank some wine then went to the Beltane Fire Festival. Sadly it was so busy we didn't get to see much of the fire (for everyone else there it was mostly an excuse for drinking, smoking pot and taking the fertility celebration of the festival literally) but there were some great bits like listening to some drunken guy insult the caped actors (calling one of them 'Darth BawBag'), the cheap noodles at the burger van and the naked people painted entirely red engaging in mild sexual assault with bewildered passers by. Afterwards we went to a jazz bar and listened to some rock music (yay for slight paradox).

Crazed naked red people picture - rated for mild peril.Collapse )

Stupid insomnia!


I haven't been sleeping well lately. Actually, I haven't had a good night's sleep in two weeks and it's really beginning to fuck with my head. I've missed a couple classes because of it and I'm worried that it might effect my work. So far no problems but if this continues then god knows what will happen to my mind. It's amazing what you'll do when you can't sleep. So far throughout this state of consciousness I've made 12 cups of tea (usually makes me sleepy despite the caffeine but no avail), looked at 15 pages of secrets on fandomsecrets , watched 4 Disney movies (and subsequently thanks to The Hunchback of Notre Dame fallen in love with Tom Hulce's voice) done a ton of revision which I can't remember and read some slash fiction. I'm exhausted throughout the day but can't sleep at night. Thank god I'll get a lie in on Saturday (not Sunday though, parents are coming to see me.)  Joy for tomorrow though, it's the Mark Gatiss book signing! If you haven't read his Lucifer Box series, get your hands on it. They're great reads and Lucifer is a great character. It's got a Stephen Fry quote on the cover, you can't go wrong! I'm off to watch Kenneth Branagh's version of Frankenstein now. Tom Hulce love developing, I fear...



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