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I can't sleep, I'm too emotional and I'm resisting the temptation to read the remaining 5 mini-cakes in the box next to my bed. I need a distraction and The Hollywood Reporter gave me one (no, I'm not in this one.) The serious lack of women in directorial positions in film is of no big surprise to me or anyone else. Even this year, where we have a brilliant selection of women directing films, is evidence of the studio system being run primarily by straight white guys, with women directors taking to the indie route to get their films made. The Hollywood Reporter's round-table of directors this year featured no women and when the topic was brought up, most danced around the subject. So, to save my twitter followers from the pain of my spamming, I've decided to put together some videos, pictures and facts on female directors. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment with further facts and people I may have left out!

Pretty picspam ahead!Collapse )

I just know I've forgotten some big name female director in this entry so please feel free to contribute with your favourites. I'd love to hear some opinions on the state of the film industry in terms of gender politics, be it the people making the films or the content they present. 

Mock the Week

That's right, it's time for me to write a post that isn't about YA novels for once (and I hear some cheers from my friends list.) A combination of the stupid Prop 8 supporters getting a stay on the ban so there won't be any gay marriages in California until December plus a self inducedrepeat of my rage at the man that runs the country (I try to have a daily #FuckYouDCam moment but often it just gets me into trouble) reminded me that I need to calm down a little and try relaxing with the delights the internet has to offer me so I thought I'd throw together a link vomit post of all those things for your enjoyment as well as mine. No sparkles included.

The lovely taversham 's post full of screencaps from the 3rd episode of Sherlock. I am already far too addicted to this show. Bring on series two. On that note, I'm pretty surprised that 221bSherlock is doing so well. Granted, we've got about 1/10th of the members of SherlockBBC but hell, it's still ace. anneloes4  and I are chuffed. Also, yay for Johnny Sessions in Sherlock.

And yay for my favourite gif ever. John/Griff/sock will never not make me happy. Seriously, if it stops making me happy, there is no hope.

Sugarcrafter, a website full of food porn and recipes I could only ever hope to cook in my lifetime.

Speaking of food porn, the queen of that entire industry,Nigella Lawson and a few episodes of her show.

Chris Sims of The ISB reviews the Anita Blake comic books in his own inimitable style, complete with rap lyrics. I'm sort of thinking about reviewing one of the shittier Anita Blake books but I'd never touch the comic, nobody does it like Chris. Not even Linkara. Sorry Linkara.
The Nostalgia Chick talks Disney Princesses.

A short documentary on the corporate fuckery, inate racism and just general insanity of the Disney company, Mickey Mouse Monopoly. Okay, this isn't exactly a big bringer of the smiles but it's something I'm genuinely fascinated by - it's far too much hassle trying to balance being a Disney fangirl with being a feminist concerned with the wellbeing of humanity. It's only 45-50 minutes long so give it a go.

And to remind you that Disney aren't evil 24/7, some toe tapping numbers from Hercules. (The Nostalgia Chick did a Hercules drinking game in her latest video if you're interested in combining the joys of youth with the joys of adulthood.)

The man that makes science sexy, Dr Ben Goldacre, on why homeopathy is balls.

The other man that makes science sexy, Professor Brian Cox, on the Large Hadron Collider. His nerdy enthusiasm for science is adorable.

A review of probably the worst romance novel ever written by Candy from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Side note, the author of that god awful book was caught out as a huge plagiarist by the owners of the website. Surely you're supposed to plagiarise to make your book better?

It's impossible for me to pick my favourite Keith-Rachel toss so I'm just posting the one that's on the front page of the kickittorachel YouTube account. Seriously, they're too adorable.

Oh, and thanks to last night's dream, I now have a crush on Holly Walsh. Nice.


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