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I'm back from the trip I shall now refer to as The Most Amazing Trip Ever (registered trademark) in London with madeluxx  (Maddy), fantasy_bubbles  (Caz) , nutellahostage (Sarah) and moomintroll_x  (Liz). It was totally worth the combined total of 22 hours on a smelly Megabus next to a grumpy chav with her legs wide open (darling, nobody was interested) with nothing but an iPod, two books and my own slowly slipping sanity for company!

The first night down there Caz, Maddy and I went to see Sarah perform in her acapella choir. They were awesome and Sarah did a fab solo on Back to Black. Drinks were also had, I'm happy to say, including a free shot we got from the barmen that went straight to my head (thank you for the free glass of water needed to take the edge off.) I honestly can't go into enough detail regarding how great it was just to be with everyone. The net gets a lot of bad press for stuff like meeting people but I can honestly say I loved every second I spent with these girls. They were too awesome for words. Just listening to them talk and fangirl was great fun, not to mention all the laughs we had.

Some of the best laughs came the next day when we went to my first official comedy fangirl experience, a recording of Have I Got News For You. Liz joined us there and I got to give her a massive hug. The recording itself was so fab. Lee Mack hosted and the guests were Shappi Khorsandi and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I got to comedy fangirl second base too (the first base being going to something comedy related, the second base being talking to a comedian). During the warm up, Jo Caulfield asked if anyone had had a tough day and Maddy and Caz were oh so kind enough to point at me. I told Jo about my 10 hour journey and she got the audience to applaud me. Slightly embarassing but also amazing. Bring on third base - hugging a comedian! The episode was great. We all squealed with delight at Ian's elbow patches. If you watch the episode and hear someone cheering wildly and wooing at the sight of those elbow patches - it's us! Paul even looked baffled in Maddy and Caz's direction! 

I've got so many clips to watch and fics to read now. We watched a bunch of clips mainly involving Richard Vranch in a bikini (there was squeeing, I cannot deny that) and I read some very interesting fic with some very interesting pairings - both gorgeous and cracky (you know who you are!). I just wish I could have spent longer there, 2 days was nowhere near long enough. So the next time a trip is suggested I will be down there faster than you can see it happen. I'll be booking a plane too! 


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