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I keep saying I'm going to write a summary of everything I've been up to over these past few months but I'm always too knackered, too lazy or just too boring to get round to it. Well no more! 

I actually had to check my LJ to see what the last entry I'd posted was on. It's been a while.

None of this will be new to anyone who follows me on twitter, although I don't blame you if you don't since I'm an exceptionally prolific and extremely annoying tweeter who rants constantly about my hatred for David Cameron, live-tweets the Democratic National Convention until 5am and I think I'm funnier than I really am. 

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Adventures in CV Padding.

I was on Facebook a couple of nights ago talking to my friend Eleanor and she was asking when she'd next see me, and proceeded to start naming days, which I crossed off one by one because of things I had to do. I realised just how much stuff I have to do over the next few weeks which is brilliant for my CV and not so great for my failing attempts to get a decent night's sleep. 

A couple of weeks ago I managed to drag myself out of bed at 7 (don't laugh, this has become increasingly difficult for me over the past few months!) and go to a higher education event at a high school in the city for this volunteer programme I signed up for. Essentially, my job was to sit with a bunch of 4th years, of varying enthusiasm and attitude, and talk to them about the amazing adventure that is higher education. It was an interesting experience since the other volunteers and I genuinely had no idea what to do! We were given a basic outline and told to go for it. The spontaneity was a bit terrifying but I think I coped okay. No complaints anyway. I'm doing it again tomorrow morning but with 5th years instead. I'm also supposed to be helping out with the primary school version of the programme but haven't heard any details back.

Last Saturday I volunteered at the Scottish Poetry Library which was several kinds of epic. It's the most gorgeous building (and architecture students hang around outside trying to take photos without us noticing) with some beautiful artwork inside and just being in there was a lot of fun. I did a lot of shelf stacking and alphabetising which is my idea of geek heaven, plus you can have as many free cups of tea as you want! I'm hoping to do it again sometime in the near future. The woman in charge (with the same name as me) said I could come back and help with some events and such. Looking forward to it.

I've already squealed excitedly about this on Twitter but it bears repeating. On Friday night, after an afternoon of catching up with my friend Dara who I hadn't seen in months, I went to help out at the National Museum of Scotland's late night event. Suffice to say, it was amazing. It was essentially a children's museum party for over 18s, with booze instead of juice. There was face painting, a silent disco in the kid's percussion section, live animal handling, dress-up (I do question the ethics behind a Colonial theme dress-up in the section with the stuffed animals), bracelet making, live music and Hungry Hungry Hippos (which was harder to set up than it should have been). Essentially, the volunteers were there to join in with the fun, just on a slightly less alcohol driven mode. It was some of the most fun I've had in ages and I'm definitely signing up to help again at the next event next year (which coincides with the museum's Egyptian exhibit so you know that's going to be epic!). Here's me with my face-paint:

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I also joined something. A party. A political party. That likes red. Feel free to mock me but I've been working up the nerve to do it for months.

So I feel pretty good about the fact that I can pad out my CV without lying (I was also the Medieval honours class rep for the Celtic department which required me to complain about my course to the face of my course lecturer. He was lovely about it so it was okay.) There's also my job (I was working until 4am last night so at least I have an excuse for sleeping in stupidly late today) and my studies, which I'm pretty content with. I handed in my essay early (SCORE!) and got confirmation back that my dissertation is good to go, which is a relief. Overall, I've got lots to do but I like it that way. Luckily all this volunteer and work stuff never really requires much commitment beyond a few hours so I've still got time to concentrate on the dissertation of doom and the semi-dead language translations that relax me more than they should. As long as I still have Monday nights free to win the pub quiz with, it's all good.
 * duckgirlie  visited me with one of her friends and we went for drinks at the Pear Tree and chatted about lots of silly, interesting and random things. Then duckgirlie and I went off to the Brass Monkey (coolest pub in Edinburgh) where we chatted about fandom, Dan Savage, pundit musicals, the misogyny in Sex & the City and many other cool things. I got to hear her use the phrase "ALMIGHTY COCKPUNCHINGS!" out loud. It was epic. Then she slept on my floor and I had to abandon her the next morning for work. Sadly didn't get any pictures but rest assured we looked fabulous, although my top buttons kept coming undone. 
* Work's kind of a shambles. The bosses are completely incompetent, couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery and the guests are rude and accuse us of being incompetent and filthy. Luckily my co-workers are all really cool and we manage to keep spirits up throughout the day. 
* I received confirmation on a few press passes I managed to attain for the Edinburgh Book Festival - Sarah Brown (*squee*), Alexander McCall Smith, Marcus Sedgwick, Eoin Colfer, Mark Kermode, Grant Morrison and a couple others. The only ones I was rejected for were China Mieville and Caitlin Moran, the latter of which is probably for the best since her book sort of pissed me off. 
* The reason Moran's book pissed me off is the same reason P.C. Cast pissed me off and I ended up writing my latest for the Book Lantern. So far I've gotten back a lot of responses and opinions, the most of any entry I've ever written for the site so thanks for that! You can read it here: (for some reason LJ won't let me link it properly.)
* I've spent a lot of time getting too excited and outraged over recent political developments. I've been tweeting #hackgate with the same fangirl style zeal usually reserved for reality TV show finals. I'm also thinking of joining a certain political party...
* I've been listening to a lot of David Bowie lately so here's a song to end this entry abruptly: 

I'm alive!

The Village
Night shift and subsequent sleeping through the day is eating up a lot of my time but I'm not dead! Most of my LJ time ends up being commenting on other posts and reading fic. Fic is a nice way to relax after a night of tearing open boxes, stacking shelves and putting up with the awful music they play on the radio at 3am. I freaking hate that new Lady Gaga song.

I'd give you a big long description of my job but it's really not exciting enough to warrent such a post and I'm sure you're all far too exciting to care about what happens in Tesco after dark (it does not turn into a gay bar like Alan Carr says!) I work from 10:30 until 7am, ouch. It's really not so bad but getting into the routine was tough and very tiring. I get home in time for the repeat of Shepard Smith's show which is nice (yes, I feel like a dirty hypocrite watching a Fox show but he's so sassy and has a lovely voice and I'm waiting for the day he snaps on air again and does another 'fucking' rant. Plus he's pretty in a serial-killer-eyebrows way.) I've got 4 more weeks to go of my contract and by then I'll have enough money to pay off my overdraft plus festival money! 

I honestly have nothing else of interest to talk about, I am that boring! So go back to your normal schedule. Or go and read my fakenews fanfic entries! Yes, shameless pimping but I'm just sleep deprived enough to get away with it.



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