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In the news this week...

Revision sucks like a Bangkok prostitute. I just can't get into the proper mindset for it and keep getting distracted by dinner dates with friends which have included the American diner in Dundee (Pam got to use her sat-nav and we blasted really crap music all the way there, complete with Daz in the back singing along) and chips in Dunkeld (any time Pam gets to use her sat-nav is a good day.) Don't get into political debates with people you like though, you'll turn into a columnist for CNN (or Fox if you're Pam). I'm beginning to think that I should look into a career in politics since the Gaelic media idea is slowly going down the crapper. My only problem is I don't fully support one party. Mum said to jump onto a bandwagon of whoever is most popular at the time, very Scottish thing to say I thought. I'll need to properly research it. Hmm, I've already done work experience for the Tories, maybe they'll take me. I'll just need to tell everyone I hate the Tories though. The very mention of the party up here is usually followed by a spit and a rant.

How was your Easters? We did nada which was good. In the evening we went to my auntie's new house which I've never seen before. Very large TVs, I was impresed. My cousin and his fiance were there. She's only got a few more weeks to go until baby Lewis is born and she's getting a bit sick of the bump. Don't blame here, I've got a holiday belly right now and that's annoying enough. Sacha is loving the books I sent her and the future baby and hopefully she'll like the book I got her or Easter - The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. I love it. She just sort of stared at it when I gave her it but my auntie read it out to her and she seemed more excited. Hopefully another book fan in the family. We're few in numbers.

At least I've got to do some proper TV viewing recently - series one of Pushing Daisies and The Thick of It were the highlights. Polar opposites but both brilliant in their own ways. The lovely throwthebones  kindly gave me the download for the soundtrack to the current London production of Oliver! I am mightily impressed with Burn Gornam's pipes, Barrowman better watch out. Jodie Prenger - the I'd Do Anything winner - is pretty good although she overdoes the accent a bit and Rowan Atkinson can't sing to save himself but when you're as awesome as he is, it doesn't matter! And of course, like all YouTube users, I'm loving Susan Boyle. I loathe Britain's Got Talent for many reasons - it lines Simon Cowell's already deep pockets, it's bear baiting cruelty, the fact that Piers Morgan and talent are put in the same sentence (the closest he's come to talent was when Clarkson punched him in the face) - but she was truly amazing. I just wanted to jump up and cheer for her and laugh at those losers who sneered at her, the judges included. How condescending were their comments? So now I desperately need to get my hands on the Les Miserables soundtrack, I just don't have enough musical soundtracks.


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